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West Coast’s game against Covid should be postponed because it is ‘unfair,’ says Jack Riewoldt

Jack Riewoldt feels the AFL should postpone Richmond’s game against Brisbane Lions because of the Eagles’ unprecedented covid situation.

Eagles’ senior coach Adam Simpson will be absent, and only 20 healthy AFL-listed players are available for selection on Saturday night, as health and safety protocols continue to wreak havoc on the team. Four WAFL top-ups will be flying in from Perth to Brisbane in his place.

According to Riewoldt, whose Tigers thrashed the Eagles by 109 points in their previous match, the Eagles were past the point of what was reasonable for a team to endure for the course of the current campaign.”

As far as I can tell, they’ve made it past the edge of the cliff.” The injury list and the COVID protocol list are also included. “It’s unfair,” he cried out.

In my opinion, they should (postpone the game). In fact, the only reason they’re here is because their government imposed different border rules than the rest of Australia.

But now they are paying a high price for it — or at least West Coast has paid a heavier price than Fremantle so far. That’s not their fault.”

Not only does it effect clubs in the Australian Football League, but it also has an impact on those in the Western Australian Football League, according to “They’ve got four blokes who they’re going to call from WAFL”

Due to last week’s victory, the Tigers saw a big increase in their percentage and are now one of five clubs who will face the team twice this year.

Riewoldt warned that the integrity of the competition could be jeopardized if the Eagles continue to lose on the field.

Assume Brisbane defeats the West Coast by approximately half and has a good win — we gained 20% last week.” His reaction was one of shock and disbelief.

If you face a weakened West Coast twice this year, which has nothing to do with them, you’ll get 40% in the finals. That’s a lot.”

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