Beetroot raita and other low-calorie raita recipes to help you lose weight more quickly

Raita as a weight loss aid

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Diet plays a significant part in weight reduction. Substituting one unhealthy meal with something incredibly nutritious can do wonders for the body. There are certain simple foods that are nourishing, refreshing, and low in calories that you can try if you engage in daily exercise, especially during the summer. Such an item is raita.

Raita is made from yogurt and may contain various vegetables, fruits, and spices. High in protein and low in bad fats, a raita is an excellent source of nutrition. It is nutrient-rich and ideal for digestion and weight loss.

Cucumber Raita

Due to its high water content, cucumber is one of the greatest vegetables to include in a diet for weight loss. This vegetable has a purifying and cleansing impact on the body as a whole. It is low in calories and a good source of hydration for the summer. You may grate or slice the cucumber. Add it to the chilled curd that has been whisked. Add salt, chili powder, and ground black pepper to taste. Thoroughly combine. Your delectable raita is now ready.

Beetroot Raita

Beetroot Raita is a vivid, lively raita comprised of nutritious beets, tart curd (yogurt), and seasonings. You may also add finely chopped onions to your raita in order to impart a crunchy texture. The beautiful dark pink raita has a little sweet and tart flavor. Grate 1 beetroot of average size. Whisk or beat until smooth 2 cups of curd (yogurt) in a bowl. Add 1 teaspoon powdered roasted cumin and salt to taste.

Mint Raita

Low in calories and hydrating for an extended period, sour cream has a low caloric content. The high protein level of this flavorful and sour mix of mint and curd can work wonders for the body. Mint leaves assist digestion and supply the body with Vitamins A and C, which enhance the immune system. You may crush mint leaves and combine them with curd. Add salt and an abundance of cumin powder. This raita aids digestion and neutralizes the effects of fatty foods.

Bathua Raita

Bathua (chenopodium leaves) is extremely nutritious, and seasonal, locally sourced foods are helpful to your health and immune system. Put bathua saag in a pot and bring it to a boil. After it has been boiled, crush it to create a coarse paste. Put curd in a basin. Employing a hand mixer, blend the curd. Add the bathua paste and stir thoroughly. Now, combine cumin powder, salt, and chili powder. Refrigerate for an hour. Enjoy a bowl of low-calorie, delicious raita by serving it chilled.

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