Beginner’s Guide to Genshin Impact Tips and Tricks [Latest]

Despite the fact that Genshin Impact is one of the most popular free-to-play games available right now, if you are new to it, you may find yourself overwhelmed. In this Genshin Impact beginner’s guide, we’ll go over several tips and tactics that will assist you in getting started with your new hobby.

Tips and Tricks for Genshin Impact

The following are some helpful hints and pointers to keep in mind when playing Genshin Impact:

Make Statues and Waypoints available for exploration

Once you have passed the prologue and have a handful of characters at your disposal, you should begin exploring the landscape around you and uncovering the monuments and waypoints that are located there. This may seem time-consuming at first, but it will save you a significant amount of time in the long run due to the fact that you will be able to move quickly between these locations. Your trip time around the map will be significantly reduced as a result.

Making Good Use of the Map

In order to help you navigate the open world, you can make use of the map and mark various landmarks on it. The ability to mark a location and then return to it later to solve a puzzle or obtain an oculus is available to all players.

Early in the game, pay attention to your adventure rank

For the game to advance, you must not only level up your characters, but you must also raise your adventure rank in order to progress. It is planned that the story missions will be sealed behind adventure ranks, and if your AR is not high enough, you will not be able to gain access to them. For the game’s full functionality, you must reach AR level twenty-four. Characters will become available to you if you complete the main plot missions early in the game.

All of the items should be looted

Fighting the opponents you face and collecting the resources and loot that they drop is a worthwhile endeavor when you are adventuring about the world! While exploring the wilderness, it is worthwhile to collect various resources such as flowers and ores that you may come across. It’s important to remember that everything has a function, and you’ll need all of the resources you can get your hands on, particularly early on in the game.

Replace and combine characters and elements as you see fit

This is a game where elemental reactions are key. A single character cannot be used in isolation from the others. The road ahead will be difficult to navigate. You must shift characters frequently and mix their powers in order to cause chain reactions that do massive quantities of damage. For example, when water and ice unite, they can freeze their opponents to the ground..

A similar test can be performed to determine your resonance. The characters on your squad choose which of these passive bonuses you receive, and which ones you get.

It is possible to be healed by Statues of the Sevens

While you can create healing items and purchase meals, visiting one of the statues of the seven is a free way of mending your party. Your characters will be revived and healed if you stand close to them while playing. However, you won’t be able to reach your maximum healing capacity until later in the game. There is a limit to how much healing the statues can deliver within a particular amount of time. Remember to use the statues to heal your units when you are low on healing goods and resources, or just wish to conserve your resources.

Statues Should Be Upgraded

There are statues in all of the game’s regions that should be upgraded, and we encourage that you do. If you do this, you will be rewarded with various things while simultaneously increasing your endurance, which will make exploration much more straightforward. As a bonus, having greater stamina will allow you to use your charged attack for a longer amount of time, which will be beneficial in combat.

A Single Character Is the Center of Attention

It’s possible that you’ll assume that leveling up all of your characters is the best course of action when you first start playing the game. Because you will not have enough resources to level up all of your characters, this will not be the case. It’s especially important not to do so at the beginning of the game. We recommend that you level up a single character to the greatest extent possible rather than leveling up your support characters to the most extent possible.

You should concentrate your efforts on a single high DPS character who can carry you, with the rest of your characters supporting this character. It is possible to make Diluc and Venti your main characters if you play them as DPS characters.

What Can You Do To Make Your Damage More Effective?

A variety of methods exist for increasing the damage dealt by your character, and you must check all of the boxes in order to deal the greatest possible amount of harm. Characters and their abilities must be leveled, but you must also equip them with the appropriate artifacts and raise the level of the artifacts to a certain point. In the case of weaponry, the same principle applies. In order for your characters to be successful, they must have the appropriate weapons, which must also be leveled up.

Carry out your daily responsibilities

If you want to receive free Primogems each day, we propose that you complete the daily commissions. If you want some extra Primos and other incentives, make sure to collect your rewards from Katherine once you have completed the tasks. You are going to utilize the Primogems to wish on character and weapon banners, which may not seem like much, but they add up over time. In any other case, you will have to spend actual money to fulfill your wishes, as well.

Check your in-game mail for any new messages

Check your in-game mail as soon as you begin the game and continue to check it on a frequent basis. The game starts out with a few free wishes, and you will receive free stuff on a regular basis thereafter. When a character’s birthday occurs, you can receive free stuff.

Take Note of Any Game Codes!

Watch out for codes that may grant you free Pimogems, mora, and XP books. They may appear at any time. Also, make sure to check your mail after maintenance to see if you’ve received any Primogems or other prizes. On average, there are three of these in each of the Genshin Impact livestreams. Among other things, each of them will reward you with 100 Primogems. Every live stream will result in 300 Primogems. When it comes to rewarding gamers, Mihoyo frequently collaborates with other businesses to do so.

What is the function of the character banner?

The alternating 4-star and 5-star characters on the special character banner are available for you to request. Weapons are also available for purchase from the organization. In an update, these are changed twice. The special character banners featuring new 5-star characters, but the same 4-star characters, have been available since version 2.3.

The banners are there for you to try your luck with, but you must be aware of the pitty system. A 4-star character or weapon will be awarded to you for every ten wishes made under the auspices of the Pitty system. A 4-star weapon or character is obtained, and the pitty is then re-activated.

The proportion of 5-star characters is significantly higher. One hundred and seventy wishes are granted to the gentle pitty. The likelihood of receiving a 5-star rating increases once 70 wishes are granted to you. If you make 90 wishes, you will almost certainly receive the 5-star character. Keep in mind that there is a 50 percent chance that you will receive the 5-star character that is depicted on the banner and a 50 percent chance that you will receive an off-banner character when you play the lottery.

After making a wish on the banner and receiving an off-banner character, the next 5-star character that you receive will be the character that is featured on the banner. If you have already made a wish and received an off-banner character, the character that is featured on the banner is the next character that you get. One distinctive character banner to another, the pity is carried over with it. Example: If Diluc is featured on the character banner and you receive Mona but do not receive any 5-stars on this banner, you are assured to receive the featured 5-star in the next banner if Diluc is featured on the character banner.

What Is the Function of the Weapons Button?

Despite the fact that the 4-star pitty is the same as the character banner, there is a chance that you will receive a 4-star character rather than a weapon when you use it. Getting a 5-star weapon with 80 pulls is a definite outcome. As a result, the character banner grants 10 less wishes. In this game, there are only two 5-star weapons available, and you will be given one of the two. An off-banner 5-star weapon will not be provided for you.

As well as this, there is a fate point system. This means that if you have picked weapon X as the 5-star weapon that you would like to obtain, and you receive weapon Y twice, the following weapon that you receive will be weapon X again. You will have to redo the process after that because the fate points will be reset.

These are some of the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Genshin Impact: The Final Chapter. In case you’re interested in learning more about the game, you may look at our guide on how the fate points system works, which can be found under the weaponry banner.

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