Beginners Guide to Raid Shadow Legends and Strategies [Latest]

Raid Shadow Legends is a turn-based action role-playing game set in a fantasy-themed environment that will take you on an epic trip with plenty of things to discover along the way. It may be played on mobile devices such as Android and iOS, as well as on a computer. Plarium Games, an Israeli-based publisher, has brought us this popular battler to our attention. The game has several layers that are rather complicated to understand, and it is centered on the Affinity system, which is the strategic component of the game that must be thoroughly grasped before you begin raiding with other players. We will lay out some fundamental tips and strategies for new players as they embark on their journey through the fantasy world of Teleria in Raid Shadow Legends in this tutorial.

Starting with the fundamentals

At the beginning of the game, you will be required to choose a champion from a list of four champions of the Rare rank. It may be difficult to make a decision, therefore we recommend that you choose the champion who best matches your preferred playing style. Each of the four heroes represents one of the four various game styles that can be played in this game. The first four champions are as follows:


Athel is a champion of a sacred order or a close-ranged fighter with physical attack powers, depending on the situation. She has a strong affinity for magical powers, and she is best suited for use in the early to mid-game of the game. Athel has a decent Physical DEF of 936, which makes her a formidable opponent for physical attack-type heroes on the other side.

She possesses four different types of skills, one of which is a CD reduction or restoration skill, and the other three of which are damage-related. If you enjoy attacking and defending at the same time, this champion is the greatest choice for you. –


Galek is a champion of the Orcs order, or you might describe him as a hybrid tank-type champion with physical skills. He also has a strong propensity for magical assaults, and he is most effective in the early stages of the game. Galek is well renowned for his lightning-fast speeds and his effective defensive debuffing abilities.

He is quite resistant to physical strikes from his opponents and can therefore be used as a tank. He also possesses four different sorts of talents, each of which has a short cooldown and a high possibility of being criticized. Galek is the perfect choice for you if you like to go all out in the early stages of a game.


AoE (Area of Effect) champion with offensive powers, Kael is a Dark Elf order champion, or to put it another way, a mid-ranged AoE (Area of Effect) type champion. He has a natural liking for magical attacks, and he is most effective when utilized in conjunction with them (early, mid, late). He possesses a number of devastating critical hit skill attacks, which allows him to be the most effective finisher.

His numbers are similar to those of the other two, but his talents are significantly more potent than theirs. His skill cooldowns are a little long, but they are manageable if you use the talents at the appropriate intervals. If you enjoy using Area of Effect attacks, he is the perfect choice for you.


As a High Elf Order Champion, you can think of Elhain as a long-ranged marksman type champion who also has offensive capabilities. She has a strong affinity for magic and is most effective in the early to midgame. She has a low HP and physical DEF because she is a marksman-type champion, which means she is vulnerable. She possesses good AoE-type skills, but she also possesses some devastating critical hits when directed at a single target. However, because to her low HP, she must always be paired with a tank in order to be effective. If you enjoy playing characters who are marksman-like, she is the perfect choice for you.

After selecting a champion, you must complete the first tutorial and unlock more champions in order to put together your team. As soon as you’ve assembled your first raiding party, you can begin working on your assignments and interacting with the rest of the group. Never fear, our Raid Shadow Legends guide has everything you need to know to complete the mission.

System of Affinity

The affinity system is the most important tactic in the game, and it must be thoroughly understood. All of the champions share four sorts of affinity with one another. There are three affinities that are in balance with one another, and none of them has any distinct advantages or drawbacks over the other affinities.

  • Magic (Blue)
  • Spirit (Green)
  • Force (Red)
  • Void (Purple)

Understanding these affinities is extremely crucial since they regulate the entire system of attack and threshold damage provided by your squad and are therefore critical. The most important approach for winning all of the matches is to select the best champion to counter. When you grasp the critical damage system and how the components interact with one another, you will be able to foresee and control the critical damage system, which piles up more damage and is necessary to kill the few bosses.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Champions

Knowing about the champions and selecting the most appropriate champion for your squad can be a difficult decision for many of us, therefore here are some ideas to help you select and understand the most appropriate champions to build your lethal squad.

It is possible that the game will begin with two champions and that the number will increase with each subsequent level. To be able to collect more champions, you must first earn shards. Continue to play in order to gather more shards. At the end of each level, you may be awarded with a shard, which can then be exchanged for a champion chosen at random from the portal. There are now four different types of shards, each of which represents a different level of availability of heroes.

  • Champion’s Mystery Shard: For champions that are common, uncommon, or rare.
  • Ancient Shard: For champions who are rare, epic, or legendary.
  • Void Shard: For champions who are rare, epic, or legendary.
  • Sacred Shard: This item is reserved for Epic and Legendary champions.

In accordance with the rarity of the champions, it is possible to combine particular champions into a single more strong champion that will be more difficult to obtain. However, you should avoid combining champions if you just have one, as Epic and Legendary champions are extremely difficult to obtain, and putting one in your squad could result in some easy wins for your team.

On the other hand, you can experiment with the common and uncommon champions because they are easily obtainable and can be used for testing purposes. By completing specific levels and challenges in the game, you can also earn the title of champion.

Upgrade your Artifacts to the next level.

Artifacts are the pieces of equipment that you use to equip your champions. By donning the artifacts, you can raise or grant specific buffs to your champion, depending on the ones you choose. You can gain these artifacts through completing quests or campaigns, or you can purchase them with silver if you have enough money. Each champion has a total of six artifacts that may be equipped, and equipping more than one artifact from the same set will provide a benefit to the champion.

Consider the following example: if you equip two pieces of basic sets, you will receive a 15 percent HP bonus. Advanced sets provide stronger buffs, but they must be equipped with a total of four sets in order to be effective. While upgrading the artifacts, a bonus effect will be granted to the player, which can be extremely useful at times. In addition, you can improve specific artifacts, which will provide your champion with a much more steady boost and can also aid in the unlocking of special mastery.

Understand how to make use of different currencies.

Raid Shadow Legends’ in-game currency, silver, is extremely significant because you may not be able to complete certain tasks until you spend silver on specific equipment or use silver to purchase a new champion with it. However, in order to do so, you must be familiar with the various currencies and understand what each is used for. There are primarily three primary currencies in the game: gold, silver, and platinum.

  • Silver: Silver is used to upgrade Artifacts and to call or purchase new champions, among other things.
  • Gems: Gems may be used to unlock and upgrade the mine, allowing you to gather additional gems and allowing you to obtain Ancient shards. They can also be used to obtain Ancient shards.
  • Energy: Energy is a resource that is required for almost everything, from completing quests to participating in events and activities. Gems can also be used to replenish your energy supply.

It is possible to earn a significant amount of these currencies by completing the daily missions and activities, as well as by participating in the daily events. It is also critical to purchase potions, XP boosts, and clan boss keys from the shop because they will be extremely useful in the future. There are a plethora of other currencies available, which we shall discuss in greater depth in future posts.

That’s it, we’ve covered all the essentials. If you run into any difficulties in the game, you can always refer back to this Raid Shadow Legends Beginners Guide for assistance. Don’t be concerned, we’ve got you covered as usual!

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