Cheats for Golf Clash Here are 6 of the best tips and tricks you should know [Latest]

People who play Golf Clash can play it on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Getting new clubs

Every golf club in Golf Clash has its own Club Card, and these cards are what you use to improve your clubs.

It’s easy to change your golf clubs by clicking the golf bag icon on the main menu screen. If you click on this link, you can also see how many cards are needed to upgrade each club from this page.

If you look in any Chest, you’ll find Club Cards. You can also buy them from the Golf Clash store.

Getting Trophies

You can only have so many trophies at a time on each golf game in Golf Clash.

  • Tour 1 “Beginner” – 20 Trophies
  • Tour 2 “West Coast” – 50 Trophies
  • Tour 3 “Asia Pacific” – 100 Trophies
  • Tour 4 “6 Star Hotel” – 200 Trophies
  • Tour 5 “World Links” – 300 Trophies
  • Tour 6 “U.S. Champions” – 500 Trophies

You can still get Coins from completed tours, but be careful, because you could also lose your current Trophies. You can still get Coins from completed tours.

Tour select lets you see how many Trophies you have in each tour when you choose a tour.

Coins and Gems

To play any game in Golf Clash, you need coins.

Coins are also important because they can be used to make your golf clubs even more accurate and powerful.

You can use gems to buy everything from new golf balls to tour chests in Golf Clash. Gems are also very useful because they can be used to open any Chests that you are currently unlocking right away, even if they are locked.

Golf Clash Online Tool Resources

The best way to get more Coins is to win games

Every time you go to a match, you will have to pay an entry fee. People who win the match get their money back, as well as the people who lost. In order to win 6 million Coins, move up the tours.

Chests are also a way to get coins. You get a free Chest every four hours.

Make sure to read the “What is a Chest?” section to find out more about Chests.

People ask, “What are Chests?”

Every time you open a chest in Golf Clash, you get a prize. These prizes can be Coins, Gems, Club Cards, and Premium Golf Balls.

This game has a lot to offer. There are six different types of chests.

If you win matches or finish in the top three places of your weekly league, you can get Wooden, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Chests. You will also get a free Wooden Chest every four hours.

This item can only be bought from the Golf Clash store.

You will get the Pin Chest after you put 8 balls in it. It’s a unique Chest that you get after that.

The Club Cards

Every golf club in Golf Clash has a Club Card.

The Club Card must be found in a Chest or bought from a store to open a new Club.

As long as you find the same Club Card more than once, you don’t have to worry. Club Cards can also be used to make your clubs better.

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