Cheats, Guide, and Tips for Star Trek Fleet Command [Latest]

The correct place to be if you just installed Star Trek Fleet Command and want to know how to play the game better and faster! Our entire Star Trek Fleet Command guide includes cheats and hints.

Star Trek Fleet Command, just published, attempts to go where no other strategy game has gone before, at least on mobile. The game itself offers stunning aesthetics and concepts that lovers of classic strategy games on mobile will like. You can create bases, explore, fight, and much more. A joy for Star Trek fans and non-fans alike.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some Star Trek Fleet Command tips and tricks.

Complete your missions

Early in the game, focus on completing the key plot missions. They will not only familiarize you with Star Trek Fleet Command, but also help you progress in the game, unlocking new characters and features.

So always check at your unlocked tasks and try to do them as quickly as possible to unlock all in-game features and move faster.

Upgrading your Star Base

Your Star Base is where the magic happens, so making sure all buildings are erected and leveled to max is crucial.

There is no build menu where you can browse through the available structures, so it takes a bit to get used to how things work, but you will get used to it… eventually.

Or just create everything in the game’s recommended order by hitting the “Go” button near your “Build Something” notice to the left.

Always battle foes

Even if you don’t have a task, you should keep fighting enemy ships for the rewards. You should also face the highest level monsters you can safely beat repeatedly.

You will need to go to other galaxies to find higher level adversaries if your starting system and galaxy do not have them. Once there, fight as many high-level enemies as you can for bigger prizes. Do it until your ship can no longer do it.

Always repair your ship!

Yes, you should always repair your ships so they can fight more often and bring you more rewards.

It appears that getting your ship destroyed has no consequences – no loses, no penalties, which is good if you’re far from your Star Base. So simply attack till your ship is damaged, rebuild it and continue. Perfect!

Find new galaxies

The game’s purpose is to boldly go where no one else has gone before. Even if that isn’t conceivable because all galaxies are populated… Keep exploring.

Additional galaxies usually have new quests, better foes, and unusual encounters. This is also how you will meet other Federations, so keep exploring!

Boost your Ships

Upgrade your ships as well. Keep upgrading what you have to stay competitive and be able to defeat higher level adversaries.

Once you have many choices, you should focus on the rarer ships and level them up. But it takes time to unlock the extra ship slot… So don’t wait for it or progress will be much slower.

Managing many options

Star Trek Fleet Command gives you the chance to make decisions when engaging with characters or tasks.

These options don’t seem to effect the storyline yet, but they might if you discover all the Federations and have to choose one. Until then, always choose the option that benefits you the most. To see them, tap the “rewards” button in the upper right corner.

So far, no matter the answer I choose, there has been no consequence. So it appears to be purely for reward selection (and to build up some sort of a story).

Become a member of Alliance

Any RTS game on mobile needs active alliances, and Fleet Command is no exception. Even if the Alliance section of the game is still bare bones, with certain crucial features tagged as “coming soon,” participating in an active alliance can earn you a lot of rewards.

For example, the outcomes in Alliance events are crucial in my perspective. It’s impossible to do well in these without an alliance full of active members.

So, if you’re not content with your alliance, leave it and look for a better one. A really active alliance can speed up your game advancement!

For now, here are our Star Trek Fleet Command hints. We have more instructions planned for this fantastic game. Until then, feel free to add your own suggestions below.

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