Cheats, strategies and tips for June’s Journey [Latest]

Do you adore hidden object games as much as we do? If so, you’re in good company. Looking through a difficult piece of artwork and finding the numerous ways visual signals may tickle your mind is a pleasant and soothing experience. Whatever the depths of the mystery, it doesn’t hurt if there’s a story to accompany it. The exquisite, British countryside/manor fantasy of June’s Journey may not stand out from the crowd of its genre, but it is a delightful trip. Just remember not to let it get to you!

If the cluttered manor rooms and garden scenes are twisting your ideas in knots, we have some June’s Journey tips, cheats, and methods to help you uncover the secrets of each crime scene.

Keeping a Low Profile

June’s Journey may start off easy enough with apparent set pieces, but it gradually ramps up the challenge by making things even more obvious, which is a strange way of putting it. You’ll be so preoccupied with searching for fine details that you’ll miss the item you’re looking for that’s right in front of you. When you are given the chore of looking at a photograph, this is a good example of this. Many of the objects you’re looking for are buried in the frame of the shot, and they’re all brightly colored to catch your eye. Yet they will go unnoticed due to your concentration on the design of the stair railing!

Objects will frequently emerge in areas that appear obvious, yet that you are prone to overlooking. An early game example of this is the way things will appear around the corner of a photo as a border, or even on the “surface” of the shot. June’s Journey is a master at visual trickery like these, so if you’re having trouble finding something, consider refocusing and looking at the broad picture instead than burrowing into the corners.

On the other hand, let us say…

Take a look at the decor

It’s necessary to nitpick minutiae every now and again. Chances are that if you find an object listed that doesn’t appear to match with the current scene, it is in fact a part of the decor. The item could be anything from a door knocker to a statue to a piece of furniture that is made to seem like a certain object (such as a lamp that looks like a sea shell). The settings in June’s Journey are teeming with bizarre subtleties, some of which are completely illogical. If you come across something elaborate that doesn’t appear in the object list in one round, make a note of it for the following round. It’s likely that you’ll see it again.

Repeat the lather, rinse, and pat dry process

Making a mental note of strange things for later use is a good technique because you’ll be replaying levels several times on your journey to obtaining those extra clues and greater points. Some hints will appear more than once, so make sure you keep track of all the hidden objects you’ve discovered so far. However, with each successive star of rating you achieve, more stuff will appear, further cluttering the room and filling it with more diversions. Your first few attempts at a room are critical to knowing its layout and ensuring that new items (which will frequently be in the object list) stand out to you when they are added to the scene. Were those gloves already there? They weren’t, at all! They’re almost certainly a new clue.

Don’t Rush It; Take Your Time

Yes, it is true that a murder has occurred, but do not rush your inquiry. Hide and seek games are meant to be relaxing, with the emphasis on the story and puzzle solving. You are free to go at your own pace. If you become frustrated, take a break to rest your eyes and return later for another look. As a bonus, this is an effective method for handling the actual riddles. Your score is based on how quickly you complete the puzzle, which encourages quick solutions. However, because you may repeat the game as many times as you like (until you run out of energy), it isn’t a big deal if you take your time and consult a few tips. Because hints take time to replenish, you shouldn’t rely on them entirely unless you don’t mind traveling extremely slowly. Remember that using suggestions will merely give you one of the answers, so if you don’t want things spoilt for you, don’t tap the tiny lightbulb!

More Suggestions

If you want to get a high score, use the dimmed screen to select out the first three things before you actually tap to start the game. It’s beneficial to increase your brightness, and you’ll be guaranteed a streak right at the start. Keeping it up is more difficult, although it is made easier if it is a scene you have performed previously.

If you’re not sure what anything is, just guess. Some artifacts are obscure or old enough that you may not be able to identify them by their proper names. Test your luck by tapping anything that appears strange or that you’re unsure of.

That being said, don’t get carried away with your tap-guessing, as the game will lock you out for several seconds.

When it comes to managing the manor, it’s difficult to make a mistake as long as you check in on it on a regular basis and reap your coin rewards. When you complete scenarios, you’ll receive prize boxes, but be cautious about opening them immediately soon. Save them for when you’re playing for extended periods of time and will need to refuel. Do not open them while your energy reserves are depleted or when you intend to take a rest.

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