Hacks, mods, and cheat codes for Project Makeover [Latest]

This means you can receive more free gems, coins, cash, lives, boosters, and clear levels faster and easier using a Project Makeover Hack. There are a few cheats for this game on Android and iOS, but no hacks for infinite free gems, cash, or coins.

Project Makeover Hacks

Mods or hacked game clients, such as modded APKs and iOS apps, and game hacking tools are used to implement PM hacks. The features and options of Project Makeover hacks vary depending on the hack, the operating system (Android or iOS), server-side processing, and what cheats are possible on the current build/version of Project Makeover that you are using. Because this data is always stored online (server-side), it cannot be accessed, hacked, or modified by any means.

Mod Meus & Project Makeover Mods

Mods are by far the most prevalent technique of cheating on Android and iOS mobile games: In short, mods are modified versions of the original installation files downloaded from the App or Playstore. While this is the simplest way to cheat, installation may take more than just downloading and installing. You may need a rooted or jailbroken device, or an emulator to utilize some Project Makeover tweaks. Installing a mod is still 100 times easier than using game hacking tools or changing packets, for instance. PM Mods are available for both Android and iOS versions of the game, however Android has more options for rooting and admin access.

They allow you to configure your cheats, toggle options, and sometimes even auto-update the mod when a new build is ready. They are normally only fully accessible for premium users, but are occasionally available for free.

Scripts and bots

In this game, you can create boosters by matching 4 pieces in square for a tiny bomb, 4 pieces horizontal or vertical for a firework, 5 pieces in T or L formation for a giant bomb, 5 pieces in a row for a rainbow, etc. Determination is also required to go through certain levels. The best working Project Makeover hacks and mods come with advanced match-3 AI that can basically play the game for you or assist you by highlighting possible matches and then letting you make better-informed decisions as to the matches you want to go for, allowing you to save more lives, clear stages more easily.

Free Project Makeover Gems, Coins, and Cash

Sadly, it is not possible to hack or ‘generate’ free gems, coins, cash, or unlock all cosmetics and skins for Project Makeover because only client-side data can be manipulated. Anything that claims to provide you free gems is a fraud, and will never work. They are also known as Human Verification Scams and will employ bogus promises of free gems, coins, and cash to entice you into completing tasks, downloading apps, and purchasing memberships. It’s impossible to receive free goods in any mobile using an online hack. That’s not how it works. Game hacking involves downloading a mod or tool, then running it from your gaming device.

What are the Root/Jailbreak requirements for Android and iOS?

A rooted or jailbroken Android or iOS smartphone is required for most Project Makeover cheats. Because system files cannot be easily updated and unsigned or modified apps cannot be executed, this is the case. On iOS, you will need a modded appstore, and on Android, you will need root. You can always use a rooted emulator instead of your actual device, which is highly advised. To avoid game suspensions, it is advised to use a second account before trying to cheat on your main account. There are workarounds that allow you to run cheats without rooting or jailbreaking your device.

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