State of Survival tips and cheats are available here [Latest]

This State of Survival guide will help you live as best you can in a zombie apocalypse with limited resources. For a new player, I’ve compiled my State of Survival tips below. For new gamers, we also have several State of Survival vouchers you can use!

Begin with a topic rarely discussed, the p2w factor. Our next topic will be quests in the game, followed by some general State of Survival advice. So, shall we begin?

What is your preferred playstyle?

If you’re going to play a game, you should know how much money and time you’re investing in it. Consider whether you want to play for free, pay a small amount, or pay a large sum.

As a f2p player, you will have to compete against those who pay a lot for the game.

F2p gaming

If you choose to play f2p, you must invest in the correct items at the right moment. That means you should concentrate on the game’s happenings. There are limited rewards available from events, which will help you improve. Always stay engaged throughout these events to maximize your prizes. The fastest approach to progress in general, and notably f2p.

Premium Player Mode

You’ll have to consider differently if you opt to spend money on the game. To get exactly what you need, you could buy specific packs or crates. You can choose from four different crates based on your budget. Also, check out the Hot packs for some State of Survival heroes.

Begin accomplishing the primary missions right away

A lot of early game resources come from main quests and missions. To proceed rapidly, you’ll need to complete them as soon as possible. Don’t forget to complete the Explore Trail assignments as they will help you much.

Not to mention that as you progress in the game, you will have more objectives that demand you to enhance a structure to a higher level.

Become a member of Alliance

Take your time and try to find an active Alliance to join, just like many other base building games. The alliance must be active, else it will be useless.

Joining an alliance allows you to transfer your base, attack strongholds, and share resources. Make sure you stay active and give consistently so you can get loads of valuable gifts and unique alliance activities.

Even yet, the building and update bonus you earn when you approach teammates for help outweighs these other advantages. Assisting with constructions and upgrades is by far the best advantage of joining an Alliance.

Modify your Talent Tree to suit your current play style

There are two options on the Talent Tree: economy or war. To attack other players on the globe map, you must prioritize War. If not, go for Economy. Having solid economic boosting is usually a wise idea.

Early on, I recommend focusing on Economy, as going hog on the opponents is unlikely. The tree can be reset at any point and adjusted to suit your preferences if PvP is more your thing.

Build, build, build!

Builders are essential in this game, so don’t leave them inactive. Constantly upgrade or construct something fresh to maximize your time in-game or AFK.

If you want to advance quickly and cheaply, consider hiring an extra permanent builder. Alternatively, 200 Biocaps will get you a 2 day builder.

Upgrading your buildings before signing out or sleeping

Before you sleep or close the game for lengthy periods of time, make sure your builders are working on something. So they can work on something less time-consuming while you’re away.

Researching takes time and has long-lasting repercussions. Thanks for reading our State of Survival hints!

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