The cheats and codes for Merge Dragons will help you play the game [Latest]

You can find all the Merge Dragons cheats and codes in this full list

Codes that are valid

There aren’t any active Cheats and Codes at this time.

It’s possible to try the expired codes below. We tried them and they didn’t work for us.

There are codes that are no longer valid

Expired codes and cheats are all here:

  1. OC_ML949Mjnd: Cheat code reward > 30 Day Dragon Gem Payout
  2. IN_jf2MMJIm5 : Cheat code reward > Bag of 400 Dragon Gems
  3. T3_98NmDjn : Cheat code reward > Chest of 960 Dragon Gems
  4. NOC_Jfm2MiPaEW : Cheat code reward > Bag of 250 Dragon Gems
  5. JN_93MMniPooli: Cheat code reward > Pile of 100 Dragon Gems
  6. FR_NaaFRR299: Cheat code reward > Pile of 160 Dragon Gems
  7. AK_8MqipQm : Cheat code reward > Cauldron of 3200 Dragon Gems

The Merge Dragons cheats and codes – Dragon Gems

If you want to get Dragon gems, there are only two ways to do it:

  • You can buy Dragon Gems with real money at the Dragon Gems Store.
  • Tapping on Dragon Stars will give you Dragon Gems and Giant Dragon Gems, which you can then combine together to get Insane Dragon Gems. You can then get them by taking them.

It has Merge Dragons cheats and codes

Any of the dragon gems hacks you see on the internet are a lie, so don’t believe them. Taking you from one window to the next and bombarding you with ads is the best thing that could happen. Be careful with these sites, though. They’re usually full of viruses, and they can be very bad for your device’s health.

Asked how to play

There are dragon legends and magic, as well as quests and a secret land of fun and mystery in the world of Merge Dragons! All of the things in this room can be combined into better and more powerful things for your trip.

Hidden in the clouds, the vale of Dragonia grew. They then made a hole across the vale. In order to heal the land, you must use your magical power to match anything. This includes dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, as well as mythical animals and things.

Dragons can be born, and then they can be evolved to become even more powerful and strong! Match the statues of Gaia to win. Then bring the rewards back to your Camp to grow your collection and make it bigger.

Every day, Kala gives you new tasks and rewards. You can play even more! Check out new themes and cool puzzles every week. Can you match and collect all of the new dragons that are coming?

It helps to know other codes and how to use console commands

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