Tips, Strategies, and Cheats for the Game Lily’s Garden [Latest]

Assemble tiles to renovate a garden in Tactile Games’ new match-3 puzzler. That strange ad that has nothing to do with the plot is famous. A Lily’s Garden meme spawned from the viral advert.

Lily’s Garden is a story-driven puzzler. An aunt died and left her estate to Lily. As she approaches her aunt’s vast estate, her lawyer reads from her aunt’s will:

Her inheritance will be revoked if she does not restore the property within 30 days. It’s a strange and intriguing world she finds herself in while renovating Completing match-3 puzzle levels will help her rebuild her aunt Mary’s enormous estate Earn stars to repair her home.

Despite the abundance of puzzle games accessible on the Google Play Store, Lily’s Garden’s fascinating riddles and stunning hand drawn graphics keep it fresh. If you need help solving match-3 puzzles, check out these tricks, cheats and methods.

Matching Tiles With Care

To begin, look for matching tiles on the board.

As an example, if the goal is to clear X amount of pink and purple tiles, count how many are adjacent.

Clearing tiles requires matching at least two of the same color. What ever the goal, your first priority should be to inspect a stack of identical colored tiles to see if they meet the goal. Then you may start comparing.

Remember to make power pieces and employ them to achieve goals. Remember that when you clear current tiles off the game board, fresh tiles fall from above. Begin by removing tiles from the board’s bottom to reveal newer ones. Increasing the chances of matching tiles.

Making Powerful Pieces

Power Pieces are special power-ups that help you finish faster. You won’t be able to complete all objectives in a limited time frame. Power pieces can aid in this.

In this case, 5-7 tiles form a rocket. Created by tapping one rocket tile. Tap the rocket to launch it. Depending on which way it is pointed, the rocket will clear a row or a column It will clear a column if looking upwards.

The emblem of a bomb changes when eight or nine of the same color are grouped together. Tap a bomb tile to remove multiple tiles around it.

A spiral symbol appears when ten or more identical-colored tiles are stacked. Tap any spiral tile to make a flask. When you have 10 yellow tiles, you earn a yellow flask. Tap the magic flask to erase all remaining yellow tiles.

Lily’s Garden Online Tool Resources

Must-Know Power-Piece Sets

It’s possible to combine two power-pieces. To activate the combo, tap one of the power-pieces. All conceivable Lily’s Garden power-piece combinations are listed here:

Create a cross-shaped burst by combining two rockets’ power.

According to the rocket’s orientation, a bomb-rocket combo clears three rows.

Stack two explosives for a greater blast. The radius of an explosion is substantially larger.

On the game board, a rocket-magic flask combo works magic. Rockets change tiles with the same color as the magic flask when both are combined. With this change, multiple rows and columns have been removed. Use a bomb and a flask to clear the board quickly.

To clear the board, combine two magic flasks.

Reward yourself for a hard day’s work

Tasks are assigned to players in Lily’s Garden per “day”. Completing each assignment unlocks a wonderful present. It shows how much of the day’s work you’ve completed.

Solve puzzles to get stars for restoration and remodeling projects. The task bar contains currency, boosters, and power pieces.

Save Money

A level’s completion rewards coins. Use them well.

Then utilize coins to acquire five extra moves. But if you suspect it won’t be finished in a few extra moves, don’t waste coins trying to finish the level.

Every time a new level is started, the tiles are randomly re-arranged.

After using the free ones, you can use coins to buy power piece boosters and tools.

Choose Your Tools Carefully

The Hand Trowel and the Rake are the tools in Lily’s Garden.

The hand trowel clears a tile in one movement. It’s great for removing obstacles from the way of a power up or a seed packet.

Row and column clearing is possible with the rake. Then tap a tile. The tile will be removed from a row and column. In order to complete the level, the rake can target the tile in a row or column full of obstacles or items.

The rake and trowel are complimentary. Spend pennies for more. Only use them on difficult levels.

Obtaining Lives

Unbelievably, you can request an extra life (heart) from your Facebook friends every 20 minutes. Connect your game to Facebook and invite friends. Then you can ask for their lives.

You won’t lose progress if you erase Lily’s Garden from your device because it’s synced with Facebook. To resume playing levels, simply download the game on another device and reconnect to Facebook.

Alternate Decorations

Your garden has been renovated, but you dislike the color scheme. Worry now!

Simply tap and hold an object to change its decoration. On the screen are three things. Tap one to swap out your current decoration. Even better, you won’t have to spend a dime changing the estate’s design.

Reward yourself for gardening tasks

After level 18, the sunflower event appears. Complete levels to develop the town’s biggest sunflower.

Celebrate your progress with endless lives, boosters, tools and money! Make the sunflower grow before the timer runs out.

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