Toon Blast can be played more easily with the help of cheats [Latest]

Toon blast is a challenging puzzle game that is really addicting. If you need to win a number of levels in order to clear them, you would hunt for certain cheats. We will provide you with Toon Blast cheats as well as game-specific tips and tricks in this guide.

Toon Blast Cheats are available

Unfortunately, there are no cheats available for the game that will provide you with any stuff or incentives in exchange for your time. The use of any other website that claims differently is dangerous to your health. It’s important to remember that cheating in games is never safe. There is a potential that your account will be permanently blocked by the game unless the developers themselves do not provide cheats. Consequently, you should use these hacks at your own risk.

A Few Pointers and Tricks

Despite the fact that there are no cheat codes in Toon Blast, here are some tips and methods that will help you go much more quickly through the game.

Begin from the very bottom and work your way up.

When playing a puzzle game like Toon Blast, it is usually a good idea to start at the very beginning. Patterns and combinations can be found by looking at the bottom of the screen. As you continue to clear the combinations below, you will be confronted with fresh blocks that descend from the top. If you get stuck, this will keep providing you fresh combinations.

In Toon Blast, look for bigger combos

Instead of focusing solely on small 3-4 combinations, try to find combos that will reward you with things such as explosives and other such items that will let you to deal more damage. Here are some possible combinations that you should try to achieve:

  • The disco ball is a combination of nine cubes.
  • Bomb: A combination of seven cubes.
  • Rocket: A five-cube combination.

You may also keep an eye out for double combinations, which will deal double the damage.

The most important step is to plan ahead of time.

When playing puzzle games, it is always beneficial to have a strategy in mind. If you walk into the game blindly and just start swiping and blowing up blocks without having a strategy in mind, your chances of success are slim to none. In order to make your game easier, the patterns of the blocks are constructed in such a way that if you anticipate it, you will see that there are always two to three steps ahead of you that you can plan for.

So that concludes our Toon Blast Cheats guide. If you’re looking for Going Medieval Cheats & Codes, we’ve got a guide for you as well.

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