Using Marvel Strike Force tricks and techniques, you can fast unlock new characters [Latest]

On the roster of Marvel Strike Force, there are a slew of fantastic characters. Rocket Raccoon, Iron Man, The Hulk, The Punisher, and many more… It’s difficult to decide which team we want to root for. However, before we can even think of picking, we must first unlock them.

We’ve outlined the most efficient methods for unlocking characters, but there are a number of other options as well. What they are, where to find out about them, which ones are useful, and the best methods for gathering shards and unlocking them as quickly as possible

Whether you’re looking for heroes from The Avengers or from the larger Marvel universe, these suggestions can help you get started faster.

Find the person you desire

Bring up the roster list and look for the character you’re looking for right away. Consider who would be a good addition to your team.

Protectors are useful since they can deflect damage away from other characters, although an offensive playstyle is often considered to be more secure.

Following your discovery of the character you desire, click “Find” on their profile to see where you may obtain character shards for that individual character. It could come via campaign missions, accomplishments, or a variety of other sources, however it’s more common for it to just recommend Premium Orbs, indicating that you don’t have any other means of obtaining them – at least not yet.

Achievers at the highest level

Achievements are positive in general because, after all, who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of having accomplished something? Obtaining character shards as a prize for participating in the game is always a positive experience.

This is especially true considering that one character in particular, the Hulk himself, can only be gained by collecting a large number of character shards obtained solely through fulfilling milestones.

Not to mention that these will also reward you with experience and other things that will make everything easier – it seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

The recommended daily dosage

Logging in every day will earn you daily incentives as well as some orbs that can be used to unlock new features. This is always beneficial, since you may work towards unlocking new characters more rapidly simply by logging into the game once a day, even if it is only for a few minutes.

However, keep in mind that after logging in once a day, you will have your energy totally replenished. This means that you can either bash yourself against a certain assignment in order to get shards, or you can continue with the campaign in order to rank up and have more shards available.


The campaign assists you in obtaining shards in a variety of ways. Evidently, as previously stated, certain missions will provide you with specific shards, and you can repeat them in order to collect more shards in a shorter amount of time.

Besides that, progressing through the campaign as a whole will simply provide you with more access to more objectives, which will result in a greater number of characters from the roster that you may work towards without having to spend Premium Orbs on their acquisition.

Obtaining new characters is vital for the campaign, as many missions will require you to use either Villain or Hero characters, making it impossible to complete them otherwise.

Eventually, there will be success

Events are a great way to obtain new heroes, as they will frequently give you with a complete hero – rather than just shards – for finishing a few battles and earning a few shards. The battles can be difficult, but if you have a strong squad, you should be able to prevail.

If you merely need to grind out the shards, though, you may be in luck. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in campaign mode, event mode, or whatever. The answer is straightforward: auto combat.

Even though I don’t recommend using it all of the time because your character’s behavior can be inconsistent, auto battle and 3x speed can let you blitz through tasks and earn shards in record time.

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