Weight loss by drinking water? Myths and the truth

Water is a wonder and a blessing for people, no doubt

“Drinking water helps you lose weight,” “Warm water actually melts away stubborn fat,” and “the more water you drink, the faster you will lose weight.”

How often have you heard these statements about water? Without a doubt, a lot!

Water is a wonder and a blessing for people, no doubt about it. People can’t live without water. For our bodies to work right, they need water. Water helps the body get rid of waste and things that are bad for it. Water controls how the body works as a whole.

But many people don’t know as much as they say they do about how it affects our weight.

Here are some myths and facts about how water affects weight loss:

Myth: Water helps you lose weight

Water doesn’t help you lose weight by itself. Water helps you lose weight when you mix it with herbs and spices that have compounds that help you lose weight.

When caffeinated drinks and beverages are drunk instead of water, a person’s health does improve and they lose weight, but it’s the caffeinated drinks that are to blame here.

Myth: It’s good to drink a lot of water.

No. Not at all. Anything that is done too much hurts. If you drink more water than your body needs, you could get a condition called “water toxicity.” In this case, there is less sodium in the body. Having too little sodium in the body can also kill you.

Myth: You have to drink 8 glasses of water to lose weight

Even though this is partly true, the amount of water a person can hold varies from person to person. Some people can get by with just 6 glasses of water a day, while others drink more than 8 glasses of water.

So, when you want to drink water, it’s best to let your thirst guide you.

Water makes you feel less hungry

Yes. Nature is full of water. People who are trying to lose weight are often told to drink water before their meals because it can help them eat less.

Taking in water and staying hydrated

Many of us mix up drinking water with being hydrated. The body needs to stay hydrated. When we drink water, we keep our bodies hydrated.

There is a general rule about how much water you should drink, but most people drink water based on how much they need.

There are other ways to get water besides drinking a glass of water. For example, you can eat fruits like watermelon, which have a lot of water, or you can eat a salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, which also have a lot of water.

Dietary Guidelines for Indians, put out by the Indian Council of Medical Research, say that a healthy adult should drink 2 liters of water every day. This can go up in the summer and when someone is doing a lot of hard work.

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