What Will Duolingo Plus Cost in 2022? [Latest]

Duolingo is a well-known and widely used language learning software and website that is available for free usage for as long as you like, but there is also a paid for version available for purchase. Duolingo Plus is available for a monthly fee of $6.99. You can try the service for free for 14 days before committing to the $6.99 monthly charge. Is it, however, really worth it?

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What Kind of Freebies Can You Expect?

The popularity of Duolingo can be attributed to the fact that it is designed in a game manner. The concept is that you can learn a language while also having fun with the app’s gameplay. There are presently 40 languages available on Duolingo, ranging from the more common languages such as French, Spanish, and German to the less well-known languages such as Gaelic, Hawaiian, and Yiddish.

The free edition is used by the vast majority of users, and you get a lot for your money with this software. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking practice are all provided as you progress through the skill tree for your chosen language.

There is a wealth of new vocabulary and grammar principles to learn, and the spaced repetition technique aids with the retention of these new words and phrases in your mind.

There are also the Duolingo Stories, which help you develop your reading and listening abilities by working through short but entertaining stories and solving comprehension problems.

All in all, that’s a lot of free language learning resources, and it’s only the beginning. But what is the payout in this case? There are advertisements, which are something that most people are accustomed to seeing in apps. The game also employs a “lives” or “hearts” system, in which case if you answer a question poorly, you lose one of your lives or hearts. You have a limited quantity of hearts every day, which replenish over time as you play the game. When you’re attempting to get through a difficult lesson, this can be really aggravating.

Advantages of Duolingo Plus

So we now know how much Duolingo Plus costs, as well as how much we get for free. What are the advantages of Duolingo Plus, on the other hand? In addition to the classes previously mentioned, you will additionally receive:

  • There will be no advertisements.
  • Access to resources when not connected to the internet
  • There are no limits to the number of mistakes you can make.
  • The ability to keep track of your progress

Some of these characteristics are more valuable than others, depending on your needs. Yes, advertisements are inconvenient, but they do not seriously impair the usability of the program, and the majority of us are accustomed to advertisements in mobile applications.

When you’re in an area with a poor internet connection, offline access can be really handy. When I was using Duolingo on a regular basis and attempting to keep my streak going, I had a couple of days where I came close to losing my streak owing to being in a place where there was no internet access all day.

A’streak freeze’ for the Duolingo currency (200 Lingots / Gems) can be purchased in certain circumstances. You can only earn Lingots / Gems, not purchase them with actual money, so don’t waste your time trying. Of course, it is at this point when paying for Duolingo Plus is unquestionably advantageous. You might want to consider subscribing for Duolingo Plus if you live in a place with a terrible internet connection and you’re really committed to keeping your streak continuing.

The capacity to make an endless number of mistakes is another intriguing aspect of the premium edition. The fact that you have to do this is something I found quite aggravating. After a lesson and the sensation of progress, you make one or two mistakes and that’s it! There will be no more Duolingo for the rest of the day.

Each time you give an incorrect response, you will lose a life or a heart. Because there are only so many hearts available, it is typical to have to stop a lesson in the middle of it. It, in my opinion, significantly disrupts the flow of learning. Normally, I would argue that this is a compelling incentive to subscribe to Duolingo Plus, however there is a workaround.

Using These Tips Can Help You Save Money on Duolingo Plus

There is a simple solution to the issue of having a limited number of hearts on Duolingo. Use the desktop version of the application. When you enter into your account online using a PC or laptop, you will see all of the typical Duolingo features, with the exception of hearts (lives). You can spend the entire day at your computer playing Duolingo without ever having to be concerned about running out of hearts.

Unfortunately, this is only applicable to PCs and laptop computers. Even if you’re using a tablet that runs the app, you’ll still have to deal with hearts to get things done. Of However, because the beauty of Duolingo is that it can be used anywhere, it may not be appropriate for everyone. But if you’re serious about learning a language and don’t want to pay the Duolingo Plus fees, this is a good option to consider.

Is Duolingo Plus a Good Investment?

In my honest view, spending $6.99 a month for Duolingo Plus is not worth it. While there are certain advantages to using Duolingo, it is a completely free software that offers a vast variety of learning tools at no cost to users. If you are completely addicted to it and want to be able to use the app without running out of hearts, or if you live in a region with a poor internet connection, it may be worthwhile for you to pay the money.

However, for the vast majority of language learners, the free version of Duolingo is sufficient, and there are few compelling reasons to pay any money to use it in any other way.

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