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The PlayStation Network (PSN) is one of the services offered by Sony in their gaming franchise. It is a digital-based entertainment service that is managed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The network was launched in 2006, six years after the release of the PlayStation 2 console. It was the original plan to restrict the network to the video game consoles of the PlayStation brand. But now, the network has spread to operate on mobile devices and HDTVs. There are more than a hundred million users in the network, and more than 85% of the users are considered to be active users.

Components of the PlayStation Network

PSN consists of the PlayStation Store, which is the marketplace for all things PlayStation. The network also includes the PlayStation Plus, the service for premium PSN users only that offer more gaming and networking. The PSN also has the PlayStation Video options for streaming movies and a rental/purchase service. The network also has other interesting features such as the PlayStation Music, PlayStation Vue and PlayStation Now, the signature cloud gaming platform of the network.

Formative Years of the PlayStation Network

The Sony Interactive company had the desire to create an online platform to accommodate the support features for their existing consoles, and also get a platform where additions could be made to the future releases on top of the platform. This led to the development of the PSN. This is a unified service that is compatible with PlayStation 3 consoles and higher, and also on latest versions of the PlayStation Portable (PSP). The PlayStation Now service that we’ll look at much later also makes it possible to get the services of PSN across a range of devices and appliances.

Security Breaches and Glitches

One of the most notable events to have ever affected the PSN was the infiltration of the site in early 2011. This caused Sony Interactive and Sony Computer Entertainment shut down the network for almost a month. The security breach was quickly resolved and the network hasn’t had any event at a scale since 2011.

Also, in late 2014, PSN suffered extended network issues that forced the service to shut down for more than 24 hours. The issue was resolved and compensations to gamers were implemented.

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Rise of PSN

Sony Entertainment Network had been used for many years before the PSN was rolled out. However in 2015, Sony brought all their music, television, games and video service under the PlayStation Network. The PSN is now regarded as the prime entertainment service for the Sony brand. The Sony Entertainment Network is still a registered trademark of the Sony brand, but is sparingly used today. 

PlayStation Now

The cloud gaming platform of the PlayStation Network, PlayStation Now, is a true innovation from the Sony brand. It was made available to the public two years after Sony Computer Entertainment acquired the game streaming platforms, OnLive and Gaikai. The PlayStation Now makes it possible for gamers to enjoy their favourite games on a range of devices.   

PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation Plus is a paid service in the PSN network that gives users access to more interesting gaming. PlayStation Plus subscribers have access to beta testing programs for upcoming releases. The users also have access to yet-to-be released games, discounts that can be used on the PlayStation Store. There are also other benefits such as easy access to updates and automatic patching of releases. The subscription into PlayStation Plus grants its users more games every month and extended online storage space.

PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store is the dedicated software store for the PlayStation Network. There are loads of content on this platform. Games and other software can be downloaded for a fee or free of charge. There are also movies, music and other entertainment for the users to select from. The store is updated regularly and has some of the most compelling content in the PlayStation universe. You can get access to paid content through the use of paid methods, or use paid or free PSN codes.

PSN Online ID and Social Media Integration

The PSN ID is the name a user is identified with on the network. This name can be changed regularly. Users of the network can also add personal information on the network and add profile pictures. There is also a part of the users’ profile that displays the achievements of the user in various games through their time in the network. There are also features that allow users to link their PSN account to their Facebook account to enable easy updates of profile pictures.

PlayStation Network Cards

PlayStation Network cards are used to access the content on the PSN platform. It is an electro-currency that contains codes that can be used for an instant purchase or be saved in the user’s wallet for future use. The retail cards are available online and offline and can be used to unlock many features that are restricted to free of the PSN.

PSN Code Generator

The PSN Code Generator is a cracked version of the PlayStation Network. It gives users the possibility to generate free PSN codes that can be used to access paid features on the PSN. There are restrictions to the activities of crackers that make free PSN codes available.


The PlayStation Network has evolved from a makeshift store for online gaming for the PlayStation 3 console, to become the central platform for everything Sony entertainment. The PSN network has a lot of features as we’ve seen above. It is also one of the most used platforms for video streaming and cloud-supported gaming. Due to the development of the PlayStation network and some of its features, users can now access their games from anywhere. The network is also not restricted to gaming, as the network provides opportunities for music streaming and downloads, series and other entertainment.

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