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The MOBA Mobile Legends will appeal to gamers because of its highly competitive, fast-paced games that allow players to demonstrate their individual prowess as well as their team play talents. On paper, it appears to be more approachable due to the fact that it is promoted as a free-to-play game. However, don’t be fooled by the game’s lack of microtransactions; it does have some. The game has various different currencies that may be used to unlock new features and unlock additional content (new heroes, emblems, skins, etc.). Tickets and Gold are two of the currencies that can be obtained through participating in games and completing assignments. However, there is a third currency that is more unique, but most importantly, more valuable than the others… It is gems from Mobile Legends!

They are regarded as the safe refuge of the financial markets. They may be utilized for anything and will make you a happy gamer in the long run. The only issue is that these diamonds are extremely uncommon and difficult to come by… There are several ideas you should be aware of in order to help you become wealthy while also allowing you to enjoy yourself. If you follow our guide to Mobile Legends diamonds, you’ll be able to learn how to obtain them.

Is it because diamonds in Mobile Legends are so valuable?

There is no truth in the statement that Mobile Legends diamonds can be used for anything in the game. Heroes, skins to make you look good, colorings, emblems, passes (monthly and weekly), emotes, and a variety of other items can be purchased at the shop. It’s difficult to discover a more useful and beneficial resource in this Mobile MOBA than this.

But, aside from their practicality, the gems in Mobile Legends are particularly important since they have a monetary worth in real life. There are a variety of options for obtaining this cash… However, the quickest and most convenient method is to use your credit card to purchase large quantities of diamonds in a single transaction. The most expensive lot in the shop will set you back a staggering 109.99 euros! If you’ve spent this much money on something that isn’t even a gacha, it has to be starting to sting for the gamers who made the investment.

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Diamonds can be obtained in a legal and secure manner.

There are various methods for obtaining Mobile Legends diamonds that are fully legal and, more importantly, do not put the player’s safety at risk (scams, piracy, theft, etc.). As a result of their generosity, the makers have included a special method for obtaining some free Mobile Legends diamonds in their software.

  • Stream your games: For those who aren’t afraid of other people’s eyes, streaming your games will allow you to earn some gems as a reward for your efforts. Viewers can express their appreciation for your work by presenting you with presents. For your Live Stream to begin, go to the homepage and click on the Live symbol, which is placed immediately below the Starlight emblem. New players should be aware that they will need to play for a while before being able to access this function. Also keep in mind that there will be a little price associated with the game. While some diamonds provided by your faithful viewers will be paid to you, a portion of the gems will be retained by the game.
  • If you don’t want to take the risk of broadcasting, you can still earn Mobile Legends diamonds by simply sitting back and watching other people do it for you. The biggest streamers routinely give away diamonds during their live streams as a way to thank their fans for their support and for spreading their message. It is your responsibility to locate the appropriate threads. Generally speaking, the larger the streamer’s audience, the greater their chances of winning prizes! These diamonds are acquired through the use of a code that you must enter on this website.
  • Participate in giveaways: Participating in giveaways is an excellent way to earn diamonds. However, the likelihood of a return is extremely unknown, and you will have to rely on your good fortune. The official Mobile Legends Twitter page organizes prizes on a regular basis, and as the FDJ points out, 100 percent of the winners have tried their luck before being selected.
  • Participate in and win tournaments: Mobile Legends tournaments are organized by a variety of sites (Tournament, Battlefy, etc.). The MOBA is one of the most developed games in the esports arena on mobile devices, and those who enjoy competition will have no trouble finding a place to showcase their skills. Diamonds are used in the majority of competitions.
  • The draw (Lucky spin) may be found in the shop and can be used to unlock new heroes or skins at a reduced cost. Use it to your advantage. A minimum of luck is required, and you will not be able to predict your winnings in advance… However, it is a really effective method of preserving your diamonds.

Alternative strategies that are on the verge of being illegal

Additionally, there are some alternate methods for obtaining diamonds in Mobile Legends. However, they are on the verge of being illegal, and we encourage you to avoid them at all costs. Scams are frequent, and we recommend that you avoid taking any unnecessary risks.

  1. Hacks: Many websites try to sell you a dream by claiming that there are hacks to get diamonds for you to use. While some hacks may be effective, many others are little more than a waste of time. These hackers can potentially cause damage to your game, as well as force you to breach the law.
  2. Sales on third-party websites: some sites have their own diamond exchange, which they advertise. They make an offer to purchase (as well as sell) diamonds. Prices are often attractive, and even the most irresponsible players may be tempted by them. Nevertheless, it is not quite obvious how this illicit market operates, and it is well-known for its fraudulent activities. As a result, exercise caution and pick your friends wisely.

Prices for Mobile Legends diamonds can be found in the shop.

The prizes in the shop are always a good option for gamers who are constantly on the lookout for more and are dissatisfied with the diamonds they have earned through our recommendations. We promise that we will not pass judgment on you. Anyone may spend their money anyway they see fit, and the most critical people will be largely jealous of those that do so.

  • 50 diamonds (5 bonus) – $0.99
  • 250 diamonds (25 bonus) – $4.99
  • 500 diamonds (65 bonus) – $9.99
  • 1000 diamonds (155 bonus) – $19.99
  • 1500 diamonds (265 bonus) – $28.99
  • 2500 diamonds (475 bonus) – $48.99
  • 5000 diamonds (1000 bonus) – $99.99

Obviously, the bonuses rise in value as the number of players increases, and Mobile Legends has considered the possibility of achieving economies of scale. Other offers may also be made in the game, based on the promotions and events that occur in it.

This brings us to the conclusion of our Mobile Legends diamonds resource guide. You are now aware of all of the available methods for obtaining them, as well as the advantages and risks associated with them. In any event, we recommend that you employ as many legal strategies as possible, none of which will cost you a single dime to employ.

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Legends Diamond Generator and Hacks

Because of the vast number of generators and scams that have appeared on the internet under the guise of diamond generators and hacks, we strongly advise you to refrain from using them. The appearance of the generators is quite authentic and enticing, and as a result, many individuals fall prey to the traps set by these scammers.

They are essentially programs that force you to participate in time-consuming surveys in exchange for free diamonds, only for you to be defrauded and forced to wait on an endless loading screen after completing the surveys.

So there are just a few legitimate and effective methods of obtaining free diamonds, and we have compiled a comprehensive list of them for your convenience.

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