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How to get free chips in POP! Slots!!

Because POP Slots is a mobile-only application, Pop Slots free chips can only be obtained by using a mobile device, whether it be an iOS or an Android smartphone.

After you’ve loaded the mobile device, touch on the chip URLs listed below. Following the tap of a link, a new webpage will be displayed.

Wait until the play symbol shows on your screen. When you do, the POP Slots application will be launched. You will receive a notification containing the free chips. To receive the free pop slots chips, simply click on the “COLLECT” button.

Do you have difficulties gathering chips? Read our POP! Slots Chip Collection Troubleshooting Guide or join our Facebook Support Group for more information.

Free POP! Slots Bonus Codes

When the game was first released, players had the option of entering Pop Slots codes in order to receive free chips or coins. Manually typing these codes in order to receive free coins was time-consuming. Playstudios has made this easier by including the codes directly in the links provided above. In the absence of the codes, there is no longer any need. Simply follow the steps outlined above to obtain the Pop Slots cheats free coins.

Pop Slots Online Tool Resources

Overview of the game and its mechanics

POP! Slots is the newest free-to-play casino game developed by Playstudios, which also produces myVEGAS Mobile Slots, my KONAMI Slots, and myVEGAS Slots for Facebook. Casino Slots at myVEGAS. POP! Slots is a mobile-only application, which means that it can only be played on a mobile device, which can be either an iOS or an Android device. However, you must be logged into your Facebook account in order for your loyalty points across all four games to be synchronized. This allows you to earn and accumulate Loyalty Points across all four games, which can be redeemed for real-world benefits! POP! Slots, like all of the other myVEGAS games, requires a continuous online connection. Remember that a slow internet connection can make your gaming experience less enjoyable. POP! Slots is a well-designed and entertaining online casino that offers a large selection of slot machines as well as exciting tournaments that are always happening.

POPmain !’s screen, sometimes known as the ‘lobby,’ can be found here. With so many buttons and flashing lights, slots can appear to be frightening at first look. The first thing to note is the absence of a VIP tier, which means there are no VIP perks to be received and no VIP gems to be earned in order to keep VIP status, in contrast to other myVEGAS games.

The game is divided into individual casinos that are modeled after their real-world Las Vegas equivalents. Various player levels are required to unlock each casino, and within each casino there are three to five games that can be unlocked by achieving more player levels. As you continue to level up, you will be able to unlock bonus chips for use in casino games. With each level up, the maximum bet you can place increases as well, which can result in significant wins (and losses).

The biggest element of this game is the Communal Bonus, which is a balloon or ‘bubble’ that can contain XP, Chips, or Loyalty points as a reward. To get the most out of this advantage, play in a game with at least three other players. There is a catch, however: you must actively collect them, which means you must pay attention or you will miss the bubble/balloon, unless you get the autopop pack. Because, unlike the other myVEGAS games, you do not get Loyalty Points for spinning, this is the only method to earn them. Instead, you’ll have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to acquire them by catching and popping random balloons throughout the game.

Instructions on how to earn chips

Chips are the in-game currency; in order to participate in the game, you must have chips. Chips serve only one purpose: to allow players to participate in the game. Each spin of the slot machine costs a certain number of chips. If you lose, your winnings are forfeited; if you win, you will receive your winnings back in the form of chips to use on the next spin. There are a variety of ways to enhance the number of chips you have available for betting:

  1. For many, collecting the Daily Bonus is the most important source of chips because, unlike the other myVEGAS games, no VIP gems are awarded.
  2. Collecting the Time bonus every two hours also provides a continual influx of chips for gambling, but no VIP jewels.
  3. Daily email with a link to free chips; check your email daily for free chips; occasionally not redeeming for a few days results in a large amount of free chips.
  4. Make careful to choose a game with at least three other players in order to maximize the value of the communal bonus balloon or ‘bubble.’ This benefit can be redeemed for XP, Chips, or Loyalty points.
  5. Participating in tournaments can be a wonderful opportunity to earn extra chips while also earning Loyalty Points. Even if you do not win a tournament, you will receive a prize at the conclusion of each one.
  6. Collecting free chips through sharing links at POP Slots Cheats is the quickest and most ignored method of obtaining free chips.

Strategies and Pointers to Consider

  • Sit at the table with at least two, and preferably three, other active players to maximize the community benefits of the game.
  • When possible, place the smallest bet possible at normal spin speed in order to minimize chip loss and maximize the number of community bubbles you receive as rewards. If the LP prize from each bubble falls below 50 LP, raise your bet.
  • Keep an eye on your daily Loyalty Point cap, and refrain from playing after you reach it. I normally reach the 1000 LP milestone in approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on my speed.

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