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The majority of new ROK players are on the lookout for opportunities. Obtaining Gems in Rise of Kingdoms is simple. When it comes to resources in Rise Of Kingdoms, gems are by far the most important sort available. It is possible to accomplish everything with gems, such as upgrading your VIP, spinning the wheel to receive new commanders, purchasing teleport and many other things, with gems. You will never have enough gems, which is a problem with jewels.

With gems, the difficulty is that you’ll need a lot of them, but getting your hands on them is going to be quite difficult. Gems can be spent in many different areas, but because they are uncommon, you must be selective about where you spend them in order to maximize their value.

When you play or spend, you can get free gems. A lot of individuals believe that they can hack gems, however this is impossible, and anyone who manages to hack ROK will be banned from playing the game permanently. THIRD PARTY WEBSITES SHOULD NOT BE USED TO ORDER GEMS.

Tips for obtaining free gems in Rise of Kingdoms

Begin with the most fundamental gem-obtaining methods in Rise Of Kingdoms: Getting Free Gems (RoK).

Your account must be tied together. When you link your Facebook account to your account, you will receive a small prize of 200 gems.

It is necessary to participate in special events if you see in the event prizes that you will receive gems for finishing them. Due to the constant need for gems, any more gems that you may obtain are much appreciated.

You can earn 100 gems by completing a daily quest. There are daily tasks that you can do for 100 gems. You’ll also have more side quests to complete that can award jewels, such as upgrading your city hall, if you’re just getting started with Rise Of Kingdoms.

Slaying Barbarians is an excellent method of obtaining jewels. It is possible to get more jewels from barbarians with a greater degree of training. Keep your action points for the KVK map, where you will be able to deal with higher-level barbarians, and use them on that map. Additional action points will be required in order to kill more barbarians.

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How to obtain gems the hard way

A benefit of joining the whale alliance is that you will be eligible to gain gems if someone purchases chests from you.

For those of you in the high-density kingdoms, farming gems is a difficult task. Gems will be sought after by a large number of players, making their discovery difficult. Instead of doing this, you should avoid it. When you are watching a movie or doing something else where you have access to your phone all of the time, you can complete this step.

Taking over a building for the first time is extremely rewarding, since you will receive a large number of jewels. For this reason, you must be active throughout KVK. If you want to receive gems, you should join every alliance that is going to take on the first occupation.

Making a monetary investment in gems

A supply depot is the most cost-effective method of purchasing gems. In exchange for your participation, you will receive 20,000 gems! Every day for a total of 30 days, 650 points are awarded.

If you haven’t already, you should purchase growth discovered.. For a tiny amount of money, you can get insane amounts of gems that will be of great assistance to you in the game. The only drawback is that it may only be purchased once per person or household.

For less money, you won’t get as many gems as you would with other packages.

Use Gems Hack and Cheats to Get Free Gems in Rise of Kingdoms.

In order to obtain free gems in Rise Of Kingdoms, there is no way to do it via hacks. A ban or information that has been stolen are the only things that can happen.

People are promoting phony freebies for Rise Of Kingdoms on social media platforms such as Facebook and message boards. They will attempt to steal your account if you input your email address and password. Precautions must be taken!

There are a number of scammers out there who can get you into serious trouble and cause you to lose your account if you purchase gems from them.

In the game, the only place where you may purchase gems without risking your account is the shop. Avoid losing your account over a few gems by staying safe.

Our guide on where to invest your hard-earned gems in Rise Of Kingdoms is a great resource if you’re not sure where to spend your precious resources.

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