You can use cheats, hacks and activation codes to get through Last Shelter Survival [Latest]

The Mad Max universe, where we must gather resources while guarding our shelter, is a popular setting for video game plots. Many modern real-time management and strategy video games use this type of setup. Last Shelter Survival, a future military series to Clash of Clans, is one such game.

The game’s story starts with a virus infecting a large chunk of humanity. As the commander, you must defend your community by building a base and assembling an army to repel enemy attacks. Last Shelter Survival is a realistic looking game influenced by Warcraft and Command & Conquer.

Indeed, progressing in Last Shelter Survival is difficult, and acquiring resources such as diamonds is time consuming. With that in mind, we set out to find a way to get endless resources without spending a dollar. So if you want free in-game items, here are the best Last Shelter Survival hacks, cheats and codes.

Watch out for Last Shelter Survival Resource Generators

Gaming Pirate strives to keep our readers secure by offering true, legitimate, and working hacks and cheat codes. In order to speed up progress in Last Shelter Survival, many hackers have created various generators that claim to supply endless gems, however they don’t function.

Just to show that, we went to App Tweakers, one of the top Last Shelter Survival resource generators. On the home page, we observed a recent activity widget and a chat box with repetitive content.

We went from “yes it worked 100% like a charm to you should try it” to “this is real”. When we looked at the number of users online and how the site promises to be safe, we were impressed.

App Tweakers link to the game’s database and change the saved value of your resources to your liking. In order for the support team to never discover that you haven’t bought them for real, it then simulates an In-App purchase of the value added to your resources.

Our optimism grew. So we gave it a go. The next step was to enable the bonus gift card. After that, we clicked the Start button and entered our username and platform. After clicking OK, a window appeared indicating things were happening behind the scenes.

You know… the Last Shelter Survival servers are being hacked in secret. After that, we were pushed into the human verification portion. They say we must complete an offer to unlock the created resources.

We downloaded the advised program, used it for 30 seconds, then went back to our Last Shelter Survival account and saw ZERO. We realized that these generators are a hoax at that point. We hope you learn from our mistakes and stop utilizing such technologies.

Best Last Shelter Survival Cheats

Instead of spending your time seeking for a non-working Last Shelter Survival Resource Generator, we will reveal the methods we use to obtain tons of diamonds and/or jewels. You may utilize the greatest Last Shelter Survival cheats and hacks to buy equipment like teleporters and shields, as well as rare commodities like alloy barrels and stationary plans.

Use the stereo speaker to attract and squish zombies

Despite the paucity of zombies in Last Shelter Survival, you will encounter a few walking around the city’s fences. The good news is that your forces can crush them in a safe zone. To summon the walking dead, simply press the play button on the stereo speaker in the lower left corner of your base.

Then a loud music will start playing, attracting all zombies around. Have your troops open fire on them and some will fall. After killing them, a crate icon appears above the stereo system. Claim it and then utilize the item in your inventory to claim the money.

Join a Vibrant Alliance

Joining an alliance is one of the first goals in Last Shelter Survival. There are plenty of alliances to choose from, but if you can’t find one on the list, use the Quick Join button at the bottom of the page to join one quickly. Joining an active alliance in Last Shelter Survival has many benefits, including regular free bonuses.

Your daily diamonds are up to 25. You may also quickly consult a veteran member to help speed up your development and research your base.

Wendell the Clown Raid

If you want to gain a lot of money in Last Shelter Survival, then you should raid Wendell the Clown. Eradicator is a boss-type zombie that emerges randomly on the map Attacking him on various difficulty levels (such 1, 5, 10, and 15) improves your prize chances.

However, before you go on a killing spree, you must first join an active alliance with 3 formations and 2 alliance members joining you before the raid duration expires. Finally, make sure the Wendell you’re attacking is still there when the raid starts.

If you don’t have a smart strategy to defeat Wendell the Clown in one round, don’t try because the expense of mending your wounded troops will outweigh the rewards.

Participate in Daily Challenges and Zone Clash

In Last Shelter Survival’s Arms Race area, you’ll find daily challenges that change. With Clash of Zones, your rewards will skyrocket! Each daily challenge lasts 55 minutes, and you get a 5-minute rest before moving on to the next level. Each level completed earns you 100 diamonds.

Send Troops to Diamond Mines

Mining is one of the few ways to gain free diamonds in Last Shelter Survival. There are a lot of diamond mining plots in the game’s world view. They are predominantly blue diamonds. Then send troops to the mine to collect diamonds and employ research equipment in the institute to speed up the process!

Bonus Advice

All the Last Shelter Survival cheats, hack, and codes are here. Also, make use of your goods. Keep them out. Using speed-ups in everyday actions and events can greatly boost your benefits.

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