Stardew Valley has cheats that can give you unlimited money [Latest]

We have Stardew Valley cheats for infinite money and free products to help you manage your farm.

Stardew Valley shortcuts might save you time in this deep game. On the surface, it appears to be a simple game where you tend to your crops or drink at the Stardrop Saloon, but it isn’t. If you don’t want to put in the hours and hard work required by Stardew Valley, we’ve got some Stardew Valley cheats for you. And taking a shortcut isn’t wrong.

Maybe you’re sick of waiting outside until 2 a.m. There is a cheat. For example, you want to duplicate your prized Prismatic Shard. There is a cheat for that. See our list for the best Stardew Valley cheats.

Galaxy Sword

Holding a Prismatic Shard between the Three Pillars in the Calico Desert grants the Galaxy Sword. The Prismatic Shard is also rare, therefore acquiring a Galaxy Sword may be difficult. Unless you cheat. Simply buy the catalog and the green wallpaper from Pierre’s General Store. The catalog is 30,000g, however you can access all wallpapers and floors from your house. When you stand in the appropriate spot in Calico Desert, the game detects the green wallpaper as a Prismatic Shard and changes it into a Galaxy Sword. Isn’t it cool?

Gold Spring Onion

Spring onions are great for energy, especially in year one. Also, only forage gold quality spring onions, which are better for energy and money. Fill your inventory, but make sure one place is occupied by a gold spring onion. Ensure there are no inferior spring onions in there. A spring onion that isn’t gold quality isn’t picked up by your character. If it is, it will stack on top of the previous one.

Out of Bounds

Moving to the edge of an area and swinging a tool or weapon will shift you ahead. With enough repetition, you’ll get out of limits and into regions of the game you’re not intended to, such further out to sea or into the darkness surrounding your home. You can use this to go closer to unreachable bubbles when your fishing skill is poor. If you want to see the fish, there is a mod for that.

Stardew Valley Online Tool Resources

Long Distance Fishing

To bring your fishing skill up to level 10, you’ll need to spend a lot of time near the water, and getting there and back can take a long time. So long as you have an ongoing quest in your journal, you can use an useful exploit to get longer fishing time. Putting a line in the water will pause time in-game, but your fishing will continue in the background. When you hook a fish, you can reel it in and repeat the process, extending your fishing time.

Sleep Delay

Stardew Valley’s day cycle lasts from 6am to 2am, and after that you should consider putting your character to bed. If you’re awake at 2 a.m. and not in bed, you’ll be brought home and nestled in by a kind soul. They don’t do this out of a sense of duty, and you’ll lose 10% of your money (up to 1,000g) for this service.

If you’re stranded outside at 2 a.m. or just want to do one more thing before bed, wait until your character yawns and is about to fall asleep before opening your journal. The game will try to trigger this action numerous more times, so be ready to keep opening your journal when you yawn.

Stardew Valley Unlimited Money Item Duplication

This is the major Stardew Valley hack! Using up to three of these codes in [square brackets] as your character name will spawn those items in your inventory whenever your name is referenced in the game. The game will reward you with a Legend fish, Treasure Chest, and Stardrop if it mentions your name [163][166][434], however the Stardrop is often consumed rather than left in your inventory to sell. If you wish to speed up the process, talk to Gus the bartender at the saloon.

This Stardew Valley trick can also be used to buy and name an animal, but only once. It’s recommended to buy a chicken and name it with the codes to receive the particular items you need. If you’re having trouble repeating an animal name, try rearranging the sequence of the codes or adding a number/letter at the end.

UPDATE: The 1.3 patch removed this exploit from the console versions.

Here is the complete list of Stardew Valley item codes so you can quickly get what you need:

  • 72 – Diamond
  • 434 – Stardrop
  • 74 – Prismatic Shard
  • 163 – Legend fish
  • 30 – Wood
  • 166 – Treasure Chest
  • 107 – Dinosaur Egg
  • 108 – Rare Disc

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